Depending upon location and use, a variety of wood veneers are available.  The woods include cedar and specialty woods such as reclaimed barnwood (a blend of gray, brown and red accents) and special order blue beetle pine. The cedar Farm Tubs come unstained so you can either oil them, paint them or stain them yourselves. The Wildflower Series is how we refer to our staining option.  We offer six featured stain colors – sangria red, dark blue, yellow, punch orange, green/turquoise and gray.  Tubs are also available in plain galvanized steel as well as steel with a rusted accent band.

Examples of Wood Veneers

Beetle Pine



Red Cedar

 Wildflower Series Stain Options

Wildflower Series Colors

Galvanized Finish and Galvanized with Rusted Banding

Galvanized (top), Galvanized w/ Rusted banding (bottom)